We believe in working closely with our clients to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and deliver new business capabilities. The case studies give details of how we combine our technical expertise and domain experience for offering innovative solutions to our clients. These case studies also mentions the benefits that we have provided to the customer. We are pleased that our clients are satisfied with the way we work with them.

White Paper

Secure, Optimized Global Access to Corporate Resources

Global access to corporate applications is critical to an organization. The range of users, devices, and their locations requires stringent application access control to securely connect any user on any device from any location to wherever the application lives.....


Symmetric Optimization in the Cloud with BIG-IP WOM VE

As applications and storage move out to the cloud, performance of the corporate communications link between the data center and the cloud will become more important. Optimizing transfers to the cloud with symmetric WAN optimization technology improves WAN communications performance and contains costly bandwidth upgrades......


High-Performance DNS Services in BIG-IP Version 11

To provide high-quality user experiences on the Internet, networks must be designed with optimized, secure, highly available, & high-performance IP services. Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most difficult, but important, IP services to optimize and secure. DNS Services in F5 BIG-IP version 11 provides an intelligent DNS architecture that delivers high performance and scalability while negating the effects of network attacks.......


Maximizing the Strategic Point of Control in the Application Delivery Network

Improve performance, implement security procedures, and institute server redundancy that is invisible to the user by leveraging the strategic point of control that exists between the servers in the data center and the Internet........