Spirit of Cubix -

Cubix being an employee centric organization focuses on employee needs, their satisfaction level. Having a unique open and corporate culture which enables employees to make things happen in the organization

The human resource department was incepted two years back but still the human resource mission statements has come true due the continuous co-operation from the Managements and the employees.

Making available, train, develop and nurture the human resources of the organization has always been he priority of the management.

Our Management believes in nurturing a culture of having people believe in their abilities, freedom of expression, focus on quality of output and providing them with opportunities to take risk and face challenges has put us on this pedestal where we stand today – strong and proud – to say that we are CUBIXIAN and would always be…

Culture @ Cubix

Employees are the assets and backbones of the organization. Our organization strives hard to keep its employees satisfied and happy, to give a friendly working atmosphere to all. To have a deeper understanding on employees feelings, attitude, emotions, opinion we have a continuous feedback session. Having an open culture enables an employee to have factors Openness, Confrontation, Trust, authenticity, Proactive, Autonomy, Collabo ration and etc. We in Human Resource Department ensure that proper transparency is maintained in each and every function in the organization. Human Resource Department ensures to identify the potential of the organization, help them to identify the individual competencies which indirectly help in the carrier planning of the employees. We promise working with Cubix would be a learning experience worth remembering…