Allot Secure

Cybersecurity Protection for the Mass Market

Consumer security awareness and concerns are growing with every headline describing a new type of malware or cyber-victim’s story. Despite these concerns, most consumers have neither the time nor the skills to deal with the complexities of security and security point products—they want someone else to do it for them and they are ready to pay. Further complicating matters, existing security solution providers are challenged to deal with the extended attack surface presented by rapidly expanding consumer IoT. Fortunately, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are in a prime position to offer Security as a Service (SECaaS) value-added solutions that meet all of these challenges.


SECaaS is a network-centric approach that enables operators to take full advantage of the network and the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that they control. This enables the CSP to deliver continuously updated security measures that protect consumers, without requiring their involvement. The SECaaS approach provides significantly greater value than traditional security point products, both for the customer and the operator. Security value added services, powered by Allot has gained 50% adoption rates and unprecedented Net Promoter Scores.


What is Allot Secure

Allot Secure is a security service delivery platform designed for CSPs that centrally manages and unifies multilayer, multivendor security. It unifies network-based security, home gateway security and security clients into your own branded security service. Allot Secure delivers a seamless customer experience through a single interface for policy setting, reporting, and event handling. Allot Secure is comprised of the following security components:

  • NetworkSecure: A network-based security layer that enables CSPs to deliver secure web services and parental control. Frictionless onboarding and mass activation produce high adoption rates while securing all network-connected devices.

  • HomeSecure: Security for home IoT, smart appliances, and home offices. Integrates existing CPE with the addition of a thin client that provides home network visibility and security with minimal impact on CPU and memory.

  • EndpointSecure: Integrates and centrally manages 3rd party endpoint security clients to provide a seamless customer experience and persistent security for customers who switch between the operator’s network and Wi-Fi in public locations.

  • IoTSecure: IoT security and value-added service for enterprise customers. Provides increased operational efficiency and IoT service monetization, securing IoT services and CSP infrastructure.

  • DDoS Secure: The only inline bi-directional DDoS mitigation system designed for carrier networks with Tera-bit scale. Automatically removes DDoS attack traffic within seconds while maintaining maximum QoE for all legitimate network services.

Allot Secure is designed specifically for CSPs to deliver SECaaS, providing them with operator control, management, and security service analytics. Allot Secure can be flexibly deployed centrally or distributed in a traditional network or as a virtual network function in an NFV architecture. It is a future-proof platform that does not rely on any specific protocol or network service since it resides in the data path, is resilient to encryption, and easily integrates security engines to meet future attack vectors and threats.

Allot Secure provides CSPs and their end-user customers with the following benefits:

  • Achieving over 50% customer adoption, generating incremental security service revenue of $1-4 per customer, per month.
  • It is the only platform protecting end-user and IoT devices simultaneously in the core network, home network, and off-network through a seamless, end-user experience.
  • It accentuates brand differentiation and increases customer loyalty, which leads to increased revenue.



With a track record built on proven success with the world’s largest deployed network-based security service, Allot Secure aims to enable CSPs to become the leading providers of security to the mass .