Stand Out and Deliver

Network operators worldwide rely on Allot multiservice platforms and integrated products to drive service innovation, generate new revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.


Allot Secure

Deploy the only CSP security service delivery platform that centrally manages and unifies multilayer, multivendor security into your own branded end-to-end security service.

Allot HomeSecure

Leverage existing CPEs to secure your customers’ home IoT, smart appliances, and user devices against internal and external threats.

Allot NetworkSecure

Generate incremental security service revenue with the largest deployed network-based security service for the mass market .

Unified Management

Centrally manage network-wide policies, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting to deliver IP service optimization.

Allot DDoS Secure

Surgically mitigate both inbound and outbound volumetric DoS/DDoS attacks, at wire speed, while re-allocating bandwidth to applications and users according to preconfigured QoS policies.

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics

Obtain actionable insights into all aspects of network, application and user activity, helping you to get to know your customers better and prioritize, control and secure the network.

Allot Service Gateway

Leverage visibility and control to enable rapid rollout of secure revenue-generating services and network optimization via a highly scalable multi-service gateway.