The VE500 A/V Over Cat 5 Extender allows you to extend the distance between a computer system unit & the display monitor by up to 1600x1200@150m (VE500R) & 1280x1024@300m (VE500RQ). It accomplishes this by means of a local transmitting unit (VE500T), and a remote receiving unit (VE500R / VE500RQ), connected by Cat 5e twisted pair cable.

The VE500 A/V Over Cat 5 Extender is ideal for installations where the display needs to reside in public view, but the system equipment can be safely tucked away. The VE500 system is also useful for control and security purposes, where you can have the system unit in a secure area while the display is located in an area that is convenient for viewing.

The VE500RQ also supports RGB delay tuner to manually synchronize the RGB signals. This allows users to deploy system equipment over large distances. The VE500RQ’s line synchronizing function corrects color phase and timing errors that occur over long distance transmissions. It also enables you to manually tune the R/G/B signal settings.

Transmitter Unit:

ATEN VE500T A/V Over Cat 5 Transmitter

Receiver Units:

ATEN VE500R A/V Over Cat 5 Receiver

ATEN VE500RQ A/V Over Cat 5 Receiver with Deskew