Businesses of all sizes face one common challenge - that of robust, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure. As infrastructure grows, complexities increase. This, in turn, poses new challenges which need to be overcome. Designing, procuring, deploying and securing IT infrastructure is a nightmare, best left to specialists.

Cubix Microsystems is the last word in IT infrastructure consulting. With over 300 years of collective experience within the core team, Cubix can design and implement IT infrastructure solutions to deliver a cost-effective, agile and scalable solution to meet the needs of today, and tomorrow.

Cubix associates with leading equipment manufacturers to deliver innovative, effective solutions with precision and commitment.

High-performance Connectivity solutions include KVM Switches and KVM Access over IP Solutions, WAN Traffic Management and SSL VPN products. Coupled with Bandwidth Management solutions, customers can harness the full power of their network and support many different services and applications at scale.

IT companies, Corporates ,Banking and Finance institutions, Service providers, Enterprises, Governments, and Research and Educational institutions worldwide rely on Cubix to deliver solutions for building their Data-center infrastructure that are tailored to the individual needs of their users, services, and applications.