As business dependency on Internet increases, a solution for 100% uptime Internet access becomes necessary for all kinds of business. While traditional T1 can guarantee significant uptime, it costs too much and provides only a small amount of bandwidth.

To achieve a true 100% uptime, a Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router will be your perfect choice. By combining multiple connections, your network will benefit instantly.

Internet Link Load Balancing

Reliable VPN Load Balancing

Reliable VPN Load Balancing Across Multiple Locations with Peplink Balance

Enhance VPN Reliability and Bandwidth across Offices and Branches

Overview and Challenges

VPN is a must for companies with multiple branch offices. Sharing of documents, access to CRM/ERP systems, uploading sales figures, and performing backups are just some of the common uses of VPN. While traditional Internet-based VPNs can be easily set up, they are vulnerable to a host of different problems.

Peplink Balance VPN Load Balancing and Failover Technology

Reliable VPN for multiple locations Unlike traditional VPN technologies, Peplink's technology establishes and load-balances VPN traffic among multiple connections. Encrypted with 256-bit AES, the VPN Load Balancing feature allows businesses to connect to multiple locations with military-grade protection. When an Internet connection fails, the VPN failover feature will dynamically switch traffic over to the active connections, maintaining uninterrupted VPN service. Better Performance

Peplink Balance's outbound traffic management feature allows you to prioritize network traffic. VPN traffic will have a higher priority and will perform optimally even under heavy network load.

Cost Savings

The increased reliability, as provided by the failover feature, will allow businesses to switch from expensive leased lines (such as T1, MPLS) to a combination of DSL or Cable. With the VPN functionality built in, business can create a VPN network across multiple locations without the need of extra devices. Peplink offers a full line-up with different capacity, giving you the flexibility to choose the right devices for various types of business locations.

3G Backup and Load Balancing

Peplink Balance 20W comes with high-speed mobile network support which is able to perform load balancing among fixed-line and wireless connections. In contrast to traditional load balancing, the Balance 20W load balancing algorithms allow users to take advantage of benefits of both connection types while compensating for each others' weaknesses.

Load Balancing is now possible anywhere

The Balance 20W has overcome the limitation of ISP choices. By utilizing both fixed-line and wireless connections in load balancing algorithms, you have more ISP choices to choose from. Whether you are in your office, a remote area, or a traveling mobile network, your Internet connection will remain dependable.

Easier WAN management

With a 3G connection plugged into the USB port and another connection plugged into the WAN port, Balance 20W automatically switches to your best connection to maintain Internet continuity. You need not worry about physically switching connections, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Make the best use of existing Internet connections

Subscribing to a 3G connection may seem like an extra commitment for traveling purposes only, but with the Balance 20W it may be utilized whether you are traveling or at your office. When the 3G data plan is needed as primary connection, the Balance 20W plays the role of a mobile router. Whereas in your office, where other Internet access is primarily used, Balance 20W allows you to add reliability to your network by using the 3G data plan as backup link.