Provides Digital Video, Audio, a USB Keyboard and Mouse Capabilities, Making it Easy to Remotely Access and Manage DVI Interface Computers or KVM Switches via TCP/IP Networks Taipei, Taiwan (August 9, 2013) – ATEN International, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, today announced the new CN8600, a cost–effective DVI KVM over IP control unit that integrates digital video, audio, a USB keyboard and mouse, and virtual media. With the CN8600, users can securely access and manage DVI interface computers or KVM switches from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP networks.

The CN8600 enables "over IP" capability by connecting compatible ATEN DVI KVM switches and/or LCD consoles, such as the CS1768 (8–Port USB DVI KVM Switch) or CL6700 (DVI LCD console). It is ideal for manufacturing, engineering and applications where multiple users need simultaneous access to computers from different locations. For example, an LCD panel manufacturer can utilize the CN8600 to allow two engineers to operate a control system that requires digital video interface; one in a fab clean room performing field operations and the other monitoring from the control room remotely. In this scenario, the CN8600 provides the capability to leverage existing network infrastructure which reduces costs, and enable collaborate via high–quality video with built-in management controls between operators.

Part of ATEN's enterprise product line, the CN8600 includes a DVI–D video interface with superior video quality up to 1920x1200, a completely redesigned user interface that is easy–to–use, and powerful and flexible management controls between the remote user and local console for enhanced security. Other features include enhanced system availability (dual LAN, dual power, and OOBC), a Laptop USB Console™ Port (LUC), a serial port for serial device management, and support for virtual media and common access card (CAC) readers.

"The new CN8600 offers advanced functionality to support complex applications typically found in manufacturing and engineering operations, where multiple users share control of a system from different locations," explained Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International. "Offering remote access via the Internet without compromising security, the affordably priced CN8600 leverages ATEN's continuous innovation of digital video and KVM technology, providing the best value and performance."